Overseas study should be exciting, not tedious. Between juggling application form, fees, legal documents; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the application process. Our consultants are here to help with all the stages of your application. By establishing steady communication with your host institution, we can handle essential steps including: · Offer acceptance · Document certification · Assessment for scholarship and other eligibility programs In addition, choose when and how to be contacted about your application progress and we will provide prompt notifications at a pace comfortable to you. Rely on our industry professionals and give yourself peace of mind to enjoy your overseas study experience from beginning to end.


One of the most important steps in preparing for your overseas study is acquiring an appropriate student visa. At Wisemind, our migration agents can help you navigate the various requirements to get your visa approved on time. We will walk you through all the essentials of your visa application and guide you towards fulfilling the eligibility criteria as well as any necessary medical bookings. Trust in our experience as we carefully check all the details of your application to safeguard you against all the common pitfalls. Being future-orientated, our migration agents also provide invaluable advice if you wish to transition into a permanent resident after finishing your course of study. A consultation with our expects can help identify eligibility for permanent residency status and build a pathway to get you there.

Language courses

Choose from a range of English Language course to find the option that’s right for you and begin an exciting journey in studying and living abroad.


A global standard in English language testing for 25 years, IELTS is recognised in Australia and beyond. For those intending to engage in overseas work, study or just to communicate with the locals, our consultants are committed to finding the best education providers in the business to suit your needs. At Wisemind we will guide you towards improving your IELTS performance and achieving your goals.


The PTE Academic English testing is a computer generated and graded English language test, offering you more flexibility. With certification and credentials recognised by all Australian and New Zealand institutions as well as thousands more worldwide, PTE is fast becoming a popular standard for English language testing. At Wisemind, we work closely with high standard educational providers to offer you tailored language courses that will help you prepare for your PTE test.


For those seeking to do more and work at the highest level, The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) provides the national standard for those wishing to work in the interpreter or translator profession. Although the long road towards gaining certification can seem daunting, our agents can help you find the appropriate training and practise to develop your proficiency and begin your career.

Internship Program

For those keen to put their course to use, Wisemind also offers professional internship program. These are designed to provide students the space to develop practical and technical knowledge relevant to their studies. Additionally, professional internship programs offered by Wisemind also include visa and résumé assistance as well as managing program fees, so you can perform at your highest level and leave the rest to us. With over 5000 company partners operating in 50 industries from business to engineering to hospitality, our agents are here to match you with sponsorship opportunities alongside industry leading companies and gain a competitive edge to jumpstart your career. Not sure if you’re able to commit to a long program while still studying? With a range of internship programs from just 3 weeks to as long as 24 months, the flexibility is yours to experience the professional work environment and set yourself apart from the crowd.

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