We offer study tour programs for students and adults to engage in an educational and fun experience. Each study tour provides a taste of what overseas study has to offer with visits to local schools, attending classes as well as various opportunities to go beyond with sightseeing and activities. We know you value flexibility, so each tour can be tailored to suit the interests of your group to ensure you get the most out of your cultural exchange. See some of our spirited activities and stunning sightseeing stops below.


A study tour packed with local experiences, practical language lessons and complemented by activities in and around Sydney, Perfect for those excited to get an authentic taste of studying and living in Sydney.


A holistic package tour with a balance of study time and opportunities to explore regional hidden gems. With great flexible for area of study and length of tour.


1-2 week education-focused study tours; adaptive and suitable for students of all stages. With accommodation at one of Sydney’s stunning landmarks located next door to Sydney’s best beach.

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